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SBF Rising in Support of Enterprises (RISE) Programme

SBF RISE Programme aims to help SBF members, particularly SMEs to tide over the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic by attending a wide range of qualifying activities conducted by SBF, our programme partners, and participating trade associations and chambers (TACs).

Attend *SBF RISE* qualifying activities and Apply Online by 30 September 2021
to receive a one-time support grant of up to S$500!

1The list of *SBF RISE* qualifying activities can be found below.


A. Eligibility

To be eligible for SBF RISE support, your company must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Be a SBF member
  • Have a paid-up capital not exceeding S$5 million
  • Paid membership fees up till and including the current membership year
  • Have not received any previous support from the Programme


B. How To Apply

Apply online using the e-Application Form here after you have attended and paid for the *SBF RISE* qualifying activities.

Application Checklist

1. Tax Invoices for Activities
  • Payment must be completed for the activities attended
2. Signed Enterprise Singapore Declaration Form (download here)
  • Must be signed by an Authorised Representative with visibility of the company’s financial operations
  • Amount claimed must not include GST
  • Please refer to the e-brochure or publicity materials of the activities to determine the relevant category for “Area of Support”. Alternatively, please check with the organiser of the activities.
3. Signed SBF’s Declaration of Attendance Form (download here)

This is only applicable for eligible activities not organised by SBF.

  • To fill up participant’s details and activities on page 1
  • Company’s Authorised Representative to sign on page 2
  • To get relevant Programme Partner or TAC to endorse with signature on page 2
  • Attach and submit the completed 2-page form with the online application form


C. Important Notes

  1. Each eligible company can only submit a one-time online application for up to a maximum of 3 SBF RISE Qualifying Activities to maximise the $500 grant (excluding GST).
  1. Applicant must ensure that the amount claimed does not include any government subsidy or grant, or discount given by the activity organiser, or GST.
  1. Applicant should ensure that the company’s information especially bank account details provided in the application are accurate for grant funds disbursement.
  1. Applicant’s name and signature on the SBF RISE e-Application form must be the SAME.
  1. The estimated processing and grant disbursement time is 2 months, if application received is accurate and complete with all supporting documents provided.


D. SBF RISE Qualifying Activities

Choose from a wide range of qualifying activities offered by SBF and our programme partners.

For SBF’s Activities

For TAC Partners’ Activities


Click on the logo to be directed to the relevant pages for qualifying activities.
Do note that the list of qualifying activities shown is not exhaustive.


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