SBF Infrastructure Committee

A private sector-led initiative, the SBF Infrastructure Committee (SBF IC) brings together the Singapore business community to foster capabilities in key focus sectors. The committee aims to build a robust infrastructure ecosystem to help Singapore companies seize regional opportunities. SBF IC will complement Infrastructure Asia, which is driven by the Government, to develop Singapore as the infrastructure hub for Asia.

Officially launched on 27 August 2018 at the 4th Singapore Regional Business Forum, the SBF IC will be project-driven and will focus on four sectors – utilities, transport, telecommunications, built environment – across two geographical regions, namely Southeast Asia and South Asia.

SBF IC’s Founding Chairman is Mr Pek Lian Guan, SBF Vice Chairman and Executive Director and CEO of Tiong Seng Holdings Ltd. The committee consists of 14 members who come from infrastructure-related sectors in Singapore, such as construction, utilities, urban planning, and legal and financial services.

SBF IC's Sub-Committees
In 2019, at the inaugural Singapore Regional Infrastructure Summit, Mr Pek announced the formation of the Built Environment Sub-Committee (BES) and the Water and Waste Sub-Committee (WWS). These two sub-committees will identify key concerns which are affecting the corresponding sectors and communities.

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What's Next for SBF IC

The upcoming highlights for SBF IC include:

  • IC Sectoral Research 2020, to be undertaken by KPMG from February to May 2020, will identify gaps and propose solutions to related issues in Singapore.
  • IC Ministerial Dialogue 2020, slated to take place in June 2020, will share and discuss the findings of IC Sectoral Research 2020 through a dialogue with a minister.
  • Collaboration Starts from Home, a new initiative where SBF IC will collaborate with relevant government agencies in Singapore to organise a series of outreach events to build local companies’ capabilities.

Join the SBF IC Interest Group 
The SBF IC is currently calling for companies from the utilities, transport, telecommunications, built environment and professional services sectors to join the Committee’s interest group to receive information and updates on infrastructure projects. Interested companies can register via this link.

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