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SBF Research & Reports

National Business Survey

Take Part in the SBF National Business Survey 2021/2022 Now!

Please click here to participate in the survey. SBF has commissioned Blackbox Research Pte Ltd to conduct this year’s survey. Your feedback will remain strictly confidential and only aggregated information will be released in any published form.

The National Business Survey is one of the key surveys conducted by SBF. It seeks to identify the needs, concerns and future plans of SBF members.

The survey covers the following areas:

  • Sentiments on Singapore and the global economy
  • Concerns and issues faced by members locally and abroad
  • Insights into members’ business strategies
  • Feedback on the Singapore Budget measures 
  • Feedback on economic restructuring
  • Areas of assistance required by members and the business community

The results of the survey are shared with the Singapore Government as input for the Singapore Budget. With the results of the survey, SBF is also better able to understand the needs of the Singapore business community to address them effectively. 

Latest Survey
2020/21 Summary ReportInfographics. The detailed report can be purchased here. Click here to view the National Business Survey 2020/21 video.

Past Surveys
2019/20 Summary ReportInfographics Web Infographics The detailed report can be purchased here. (Click here to view the National Business Survey 2019/20 video.)
2018/19 Summary ReportInfographics. The detailed report can be purchased here. (Click here to view the National Business Survey 2018/19 video.)
2017/18 Summary Report & Infographics. The detailed report can be purchased here.
2016/17 Summary Report & Infographics. The detailed report can be purchased here.




SBF-Experian SME Index Survey

The SBF-Experian SME Index is a six-month forward-looking Index which measures the sentiments of SMEs in the areas of turnover, profitability and capacity utilisation. This index is based on some 3,000 interviews with SME owners and managers, and the financial performance of SMEs over the five industry sectors: Business Services, Commerce/Trading, Construction/Engineering, Manufacturing, and Transport/Storage. Launched in 2009, the SBF-Experian SME Index is a joint initiative by Experian and SBF.

Latest Survey

2021: Q1        

Past Surveys

2020: Q1 Q3 Q4  
2019: Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 
2018: Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2017 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2016: Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2015:   Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2014: Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

Post-Budget Survey

SBF conducts a post-budget survey immediately after the Singapore Budget measures are announced every year to obtain feedback. We do this as part of our ongoing role as the bridge between businesses and the Government to create and enhance a conducive business environment.

The survey covers the following areas:

  • Business sentiments 
  • Views on the usefulness of the Budget measures
  • Feedback on what more could have been done
  • Further areas of assistance required by businesses

The results of the survey are shared with the Government.

Latest Survey

9 Mar 2021 SBF Webinar Poll on Budget 2021
17 Feb – 12 Mar 2021 SBF Survey on Budget 2021 Measures
17 May – 21 May 2021 Survey on Impact of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) Measures on Businesses
28 June – 14 July 2021 SBF Survey on Manpower and Wages

Past Survey

7 Aug – 21 Aug 2020 SBF Survey on Business Sentiments & Support that Businesses May Require in the On-going Phase 2 Post-Circuit Breaker Period
2 Jun & 7 Jul 2020 SBF Webinar Poll on Fortitude Budget 2020 & SBF Webinar Poll on COVID-19 Impact: Phase 2 Reopening and Financing Options for Businesses – Private Equity and Credit Solutions
30 Apr - 15 May 2020 SBF Survey on the Impact of Extended Circuit Breaker Period till 1 June 2020
25 Mar - 17 Apr 2020 SBF Survey on the Resilience & Solidarity Budgets 2020 & Companies’ Foreign Business Operations
2 Apr 2020 SBF Webinar Poll on Resilience Budget 2020
13 Mar 2020 SBF Webinar Poll on Unity Budget 2020
17 Feb - 10 Mar 2020 SBF Survey on COVID-19 Outbreak & Unity Budget 2020 Measures

2019 Report & Infographics


SBF Economic Indicators Report

On October 2019, SBF launched the quarterly SBF Economic Indicators Report (Singapore), prepared by the SBF SME Committee Research Sub-Committee. The report features a series of selected charts depicting important economic indicators, along with brief commentaries.

The purpose of this report is to provide our business community with timely and relevant updates regarding key economic developments and trends in Singapore.

Download the latest report:

Q2 2021
Q1 2021

Q4 2020

Q3 2020
Q2 2020
Q1 2020
Q4 2019

Q3 2019

You can also email  to join the mailing list and receive the latest report every quarter.

SBF Topical Research Report 

The SBF Topical Research Report seeks to uncover insights and shed light on topical issues of business interest, by diving deep into the subject matter in question and complementing findings from secondary research with primary information curated through a variety of approaches, for instance via focus group discussions and/or polls. Industry relevant lessons and implications are then drawn, and broad perspectives formed.

Download the latest report:

Topic 1 The Competitive Landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa
  As part of SBF’s ongoing efforts in assisting local businesses in expanding abroad, this inaugural issue on ‘The Competitive Landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa’ provides an overview of prevailing market conditions that companies may expect to face when operating within the region, by identifying key opportunities and challenges, business practices and collaborative arrangements, as well as how governmental grants can facilitate such offshore ventures, among others.

SBF Company Case Study / Video Series

The objective of the SBF Company Case Study / Video Series is to share translatable key lessons and industry practices for local companies looking to internationalise. Through the use of these case studies / videos, SBF also hopes to provide a platform that can help foster and promote timely discussions amongst business leaders on issues related to internationalisation and transformation.

We welcome you to download and disseminate our case studies / videos.

Read the various case studies here:

Issue 1 (May 2020) Top International Holding: Next-Generation Entrepreneurship as Symbolic Succession
Issue 2 (Aug 2020) Yang Kee Logistics: Overcoming Constraints by Moving Together
Issue 3 (Sep 2020) Holistics Software: Bootstrapping a Start-up
Issue 4 (Dec 2020) SmartClean Technology: Disrupting the Cleaning Market of Today
Issue 5 (Feb 2021) Q Industries: Re-strategising a Family Business 
Issue 6 (Jun 2021) Building Strategic Foundations for Internationalisation: Lessons from Koda Limited
Issue 7 (Aug 2021) Yappy Pets: Growing International Presence by Staying Ahead of the Digital Curve

Watch the latest video here:

Episode 1
(Oct 2020)
SmartClean Technologies
Episode 2
(Jan 2021)
Hong Guan (Tackle)
Episode 3
(May 2021)

SBF’s Future Economy Conference and Exhibition 2018 Poll Report

SBF conducted an electronic poll during the SBF’s Future Economy Conference and Exhibition 2018 to capture the views of the attendees on the challenges and assistance required for transformation. The report of the poll results is available here.

For queries and more information on these surveys, please email .

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