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Sustainable Employment

Achieving Purposeful Business Success Together

Rapid advances in technology, rising life expectancy, as well as evolving societal values can create both opportunities and vulnerabilities. At the heart of the situation is an issue that Singapore cannot be complacent with – income inequality. While the government has rolled out policies and initiatives to tackle this issue, SBF recognises that businesses, too, have a significant role to play.

Hence, SBF, in consultation with business representatives, trade associations and chambers, community organisations, academia and other stakeholders, has put together a report, “Sustainable Employment: Achieving Purposeful Business Success Together”, to outline the issue while providing recommendations for businesses to join in a collaborative effort to build a more inclusive future for all Singaporeans.

The report focuses on recommendations for businesses on how they can help three key at-risk groups. You can also download a four-page summary of the report here. This report, officially published on 22 November 2019, is also SBF’s gift to Singapore as the nation marks its Bicentennial.

Why Pursue Sustainable Employment?

Sustainable Employment involves purposeful action by companies to cultivate their workforce for present and future needs. It is known that socially conscious and responsible companies have consistently enjoyed long-term performance. Find out more below: 

Sustainable Employment:
what is it and why?

Nurturing your
workforce for long-term business success
(coming soon)

Ways to achieve a sustainable workforce
(coming soon)

Take the Sustainable Employment Pledge today!

SBF is calling on companies to pledge your commitment to sustainable employment. Join more than 160 companies (and counting!) that have already pledged.

Sustainable Employment Pledge

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