BRI Connect

Singapore has a role to play in the Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative
On two official visits to Kazakhstan and Indonesia in 2013, the People’s Republic of China’s President Xi Jinping proposed the “Silk Road Economic Belt” concept, which refers to overland routes for road and rail transportation, and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” concept, which refers to sea routes. These two concepts were later known as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The BRI spans across Asia, Europe, Africa and beyond, and aims to improve regional integration, increase trade and stimulate economic growth.

BRI Connect
Singapore, as a regional infrastructure and financial hub, is well-placed to manage infrastructure projects in Asia with its comprehensive eco-system of financial institutions, multilateral development institutions, engineering and project management companies. Hence, the “BRI Connect” Platform was launched by SBF and the China Enterprises Association Singapore in August 2017 at the third Singapore Regional Business Forum.

BRI Connect is an online and offline business platform meant to raise awareness of opportunities arising from the BRI among the Singapore business community, connect relevant stakeholders, and facilitate the implementation of BRI projects in Singapore, China, and other countries along the Belt and Road.

The online business platform will feature relevant and updated information on BRI, as well as a listing of BRI projects. Offline activities will include networking and business-matching sessions to connect interested parties and stakeholders.

Functions of BRI Connect
  1. Aggregate public information on BRI projects for stakeholders
  2. Create a network of advisory and resource partners for Singapore companies to tap on for relevant expertise and capital to take on BRI projects
  3. Build a cross-border business community for Singapore companies that are partners of multinational projects in the countries along the Belt and Road
Join as a member
We have 21 founding members from various sectors, representing different functions in an infrastructure life cycle, such as finance and banking, infrastructure project management, legal and mediation, facility management and risk management, communications, and more.

Join as a Corporate Member of BRI Connect by filling in the form here and emailing it to our China & North Asia team at .

BRI Connect Online Business Platform
The BRI Connect Online Business Platform is currently under development. Look out for it in Q3 2020.

SBF-LHZB Belt and Road Chinese Portal
SBF has partnered with Lianhe Zaobao to develop a portal which features the latest news on the BRI. Access the portal here.

BRI Regional Business Survey
In 2017, SBF commissioned the Economist Corporate Network to conduct the inaugural BRI Regional Business Survey. Titled “Up and Running? Opportunity and Risk Along China’s Belt and Road Initiative”, this survey aimed to understand the progress perceptions of the BRI projects in the region and the impact of BRI on Singapore companies.

A link to the full survey report is available here.

Subsequently in 2019, SBF and PwC Singapore jointly produced the second BRI Regional Business Survey. Titled “Delving into the BRI: How Regional Players Plan to Leverage BRI Business Opportunities”, this survey aimed to find out Singapore companies’ perceptions of and reactions to BRI opportunities in the region.

A link to the full survey report is available here.

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