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About Us

Why leadership matters
Our previous generations didn’t have it easy. They worked extremely hard and made tough sacrifices to build a legacy. They were successful in business and the country is now thriving in many ways, thanks to their vision and effort. They led us here.

Yet, where we are today is a very different world from what it was in the yesteryears. We are navigating issues of global proportions in this lifetime. And we need savvy leaders who can imagine and champion more sustainable business practices.

The Business Roundtable (BRT) recently redefined the purpose of a corporation beyond its
accountability to shareholders, but to all stakeholders. This includes customers,
employees, vendors, partners, investors and the community in which we live.

How YBLN unlocks purpose
The new generations face a different set of challenges from their predecessors. People are stepping into leadership roles at a much younger age, the skills required have multiplied exponentially and the impact of their decisions have far-reaching consequences.

But there is no need to do it all alone.

YBLN offers guidance and exposure, imparting knowledge, skills and networks to a new generation of leaders.

If you believe there is more to business than being successful and want to connect with like-minded innovative leaders who are making a difference, explore the benefits of joining the YBLN.

What we do, counts
We believe we can build successful and sustainable ethical organisations, and that our leadership style could become a beacon/source of inspiration. But purpose must go hand in hand with action.

YBLN not only leverages SBF’s 27,200-member network. It’s an active community itself that helps members to meet, share and partner through a combination of fireside chats, workshops, mentorship programmes and ad-hoc initiatives to positively impact society through business.

Find out more about YBLN’s all-year-round activities and the initiatives that are shaping our business community.

YBLN is also Singapore’s official representative to the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council and Association, connecting our home-grown leaders with the rest of the world.

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