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Logo Usage

The corporate signature consists of 3 elements:
  • Symbol
  • Wordmark
  • Tagline
The corporate signature has been specifically drawn and is unique to SBF. It is therefore important that it is not redrawn or recreated in any way.

The full company name is to be used as part of the corporate signature at all times.

All elements are fixed in the exact proportions as shown.

The logo may also appear with the Chinese wordmark which is to be used in certain applications only. This logo applies to the SBF’s China Business Group stationery and related events.

Follow these guidelines when reproducing the logo in any materials:

  • Logo colours are not to be altered
  • Proportions of the different parts of the logo may not be altered
  • Logo must not be warped or otherwise distorted in any way
  • Logo may not be placed in a box or holding shape
  • Logo may not be reproduced in outline nor have an outline
  • Symbol and wordmark must never be used in isolation
  • Logo must not be used on background colours where legibility is compromised
  • Logo must not be used on part of an image


Colour is an important component of the corporate identity and should be reproduced accurately to the Pantone reference. The SBF logo colours have been designed to be produced in Pantone Matching System (PMS) colours, including indications of the correct breakdown when using process colours.

To ensure consistent colour application, it is important to match the relevant type of colour swatches, PMS or process colour, to what it is being reproduced on, as different materials (eg. paper - coated or uncoated) will have an effect on the colour being reproduced.


Minimum Size

The recommendations provided for minimum size and clear space need to be followed in order to preserve the integrity of the logo and tagline.

To ensure clarity, the minimum logo size is 35mm in total width of the corporate signature with the tagline.

Scaling the Logo

The logo can be sized to fit various materials. When adjusting the size of the logo, please scale the logo proportionately; do not stretch or reduce the logo by just the breadth or length.

Exclusion Zone

The exclusion zone should always be observed when applying the logo. It denotes the minimum clear space that should surround the logo at all times. This ensures that the logo is not compromised and remains discrete from all other elements. No other text or graphic must enter the zone. It allows the logo to create the most effective visual impact.

The SBF logo exclusion zone is denoted by the “X” which is 1/4 (.25X) distance between the top and bottom of the logo “S” curve for the English logo. For the logo with the Chinese tagline, the exclusion zone denoted by the “X” is the distance between the top and bottom of the Chinese tagline.

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