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ICC Publications

As Singapore’s apex business chamber, SBF is the National Committee in Singapore of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), the Paris-based world business organisation. SBF has ready access to a host of ICC publications, and SBF members enjoy the convenience of purchasing ICC publications directly from SBF.

Online Training - ICC Singapore

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) provides a forum for businesses and other organisations to examine and better understand the nature and significance of major shifts taking place in the world economy. The ICC also offers an influential and respected channel for the supply of business leadership to help governments manage those shifts in a collaborative manner. While policy advocacy is a major part of the ICC's work, the organisation is also committed to promoting international trade and investment. Much of ICC's work focuses on making it easier for business to operate internationally.


The ICC Bookstore

ICC Publishing SA (Paris) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the International Chamber of Commerce. As the publishing arm of the ICC, it produces and distributes books on all aspects of international trade. Their content is derived from the work of ICC commissions, institutions, and individual experts. Topics covered include banking practice, international commercial arbitration, international contracts, commercial fraud and joint ventures, advertising, telecommunications and the environment.

Practical Information for International Business

The ICC Publishing list covers three broad categories

  • ICC rules and guidelines
  • Professional advice and
  • Reference works

The rules and guidelines which form the core of the ICC’s publishing programme are updated periodically to take account of technical developments and the evolution of commercial and banking practices. ICC Publishing also produces guides, case studies, handbooks and commentaries to assist practitioners in all sectors of international business. Finally, ICC Publishing provides authoritative reference material for commercial lawyers, bankers and traders.

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