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A time-saving guide for traders, importers, lawyers and all parties involved important international transactions. The model contract was specifically developed for sales of manufactured goods intended for resale, where the purchaser is not a consumer and where the contract is an independent transaction rather than part of a long-term supply arrangement.

The ICC model is flexible enough to allow users either to incorporate only the general conditions common to all contracts or to include the specific conditions, which set out standard terms common to all contracts incorporating the ICC General Conditions of Sale.

Moreover, while the model contract subjects the transaction to the United Nations Convention for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), it also, in certain circumstances, permits the parties to incorporate specific conditions of national law.

Member Price: $161.00

Dr Jur. Uwe Jahn

Now in its third edition, the fully revised publication of Bills of Exchange has been expanded to cover legislation in Europe, Asia and Oceana. Designed for easy reference, this clear text provides a comprehensive comparison of bills of exchange law in 67 countries and offers practical information on everyday problems and how to overcome conflicts in national laws.

Dr jur. Uwe Jahn is an acknowledged expert in the field and author of a number of books on international commercial law.

The present text describes the fundamentals of the Geneva Uniform Law on Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, then shows the major differences among the laws of European and Asian states which have ratified or adopted the Geneva system, as well as the differences between the common law countries. For the first time, Bills of Exchange Vol. III also includes an English translation of the new Chinese Law on Negotiable Instruments, as well as a bibliography with references to international publications in the field. There is also important information on the euro and how it impacts on bills of exchange.

Member Price: $145.00

The leaflet contains the full text of the UCP 600 
(including the 12 articles of the eUCP, governing presentation of documents in electronic or part-electronic form) in a handy format: 

- In set of 25 leaflet
- 8 page, fold-out Leaflet, size 21 x 29.7 cm

Member Price: $347.00 / Set, $18.00 / LF 

Corporate Governance Worldwide by Güler Manisali Darman Good corporate governance - the rules and practices that govern the relationship between the managers and shareholders of corporations, as well as stakeholders (employees, pensioners and local communities) - has become a must in the modern business environment. The publication of Corporate Governance Worldwide provides an update of breaking developments in the field and recommendations for how business should react to new governance requirements generated by governments and the marketplace. More than just a textbook, Corporate Governance Worldwide uses concrete case studies to illustrate its points.

A Comprehensive Guide 
Corporate Governance Worldwide takes you in logical steps through all major developments in the field, including

1. the driving forces behind corporate governance,
2. new corporate governance developments in the U.S., the European Union, Asia and Latin America,
3. the different requirements of SMEs, family owned enterprises and large multinationals,
4. the responsibilities of boards of directors, CEOs and CFOs, 
5. the rights of shareholders and institutional investors, 
6. corporate responsibility and what it entails, and 
7. Strategic thinking on governance for the future. 

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ICC Commission on Commercial Law & Practice. First in a series of models dealing with the transfer of a company or business. 

This new model contract is the first in a series of ICC international Merger & Acquisition (M&A) agreements. The notion of M & A agreements, regards, broadly speaking, the transfer of a company or a business and covers a variety of contracts.

This first model is a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) in its simplest form, i.e. the acquisition of the entire issued share capital of one company. It is intended to assist parties and lawyers who are not specialized in M&A contracts to draft a simple contract covering the most common issues involved. This means that the model may not be appropriate for complex transactions nor for acquisitions of public companies.

The SPA contract takes account of all these specifics and contains enough flexibility for the parties to work out special situations for themselves.

This model contract is broken down into several parts including:

1. Pre-closing and post-closing undertakings 
2. Price and closing 
3. Warranties, breach of warranties 
4. Indemnification, indemnification procedure and limitation of liability 
5. Restrictive covenants 
6. Confidentiality / announcement 
7. Many issues (e.g. conditions that must be met before closing) are covered in the useful annexes and schedules 

Member Price: $180.00

Leading Court Cases on Letters of Credit by King-tak Fung

More than 15 percent of trade (over $1 trillion a year) is financed using letters of credit.

For each case, this important book lays out -

  • a summary of the facts of each case in easy-to-understand diagrams;
  • the key issues presented ; and
  • an analysis of what each court decision means for letter of credit practice.
Leading Court Cases interprets cases from several jurisdictions concerning a range of issues, including :
  • Confirmation: Pasir Gudang Edible Oils Sdn Bhd v The Bank of New York, 1999, (USA)
  • Availability of credit: Bank of China v Agricultural Bank of China, 2000 (China)
  • Fraud and injunctions: Mees Pierson N.V. v Bay Pacific (S) Pte Ltd, 2000 (Singapore)
  • Document examination and rejection: Crédit Industrial et Commercial v China Merchants Bank, 2002 (England)
  • Law and jurisdiction: Rabobank v Bank of China, 2004 (Hong Kong) Other cases analyzed concern credits versus contracts, standby letters of credit and marine bills of lading. 

Member Price: $173.00

Commission on Commercial Law and Practice. International turnkey construction projects are often complex transactions, requiring correspondingly complex legal documentation. Moreover, many such major construction projects are an important element in international development, and it is vital that the arrangements put in place be durable, clear and equitable.

ICC has prepared ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects for use in major projects in order to provide contractors and employers with a unique, balanced platform that is fair to all parties. At the same time, the model accommodates the desire of all parties for price and scope certainty, the need for swift and effective dispute resolution, and the need for complete and informed allocation of risks.


· Introduction, Foreword
· Main Contract Form
· Conditions of Contract:
· CHAPTER 1 General and Preliminary Articles
· CHAPTER 2 The Parties' Obligations
· CHAPTER 3 The Execution of the Contract
· CHAPTER 4 Design - Responsibility and Management; Variations
· CHAPTER 5 Commencement; the Time to Taking-Over scheduling and Progress
· CHAPTER 6 Contract Price and Payment
· CHAPTER 7 Completion and Taking-Over of the Works by the Employer
· CHAPTER 8 Defect Correction Period
· CHAPTER 9 Allocation of Risk and Responsibility and Exclusions from Liability
· CHAPTER 10 Force Majeure and Termination of the Contract
· CHAPTER 11 Insurance
· CHAPTER 12 Miscellaneous Provisions
· CHAPTER 13 Claims, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Member Price: $208.00

Article-by-Article Analysis by the UCP 600 Drafting Group 

UCP 600, ICC's new rules on documentary credits, come into effect on 1 July 2007. Now, members of the Drafting Group that produced the new UCP 600 have collaborated to produce this Commentary explaining the rationale behind the changes in the new rules.

Containing an analysis of each article and sub-article of the new UCP, as well as cross-references to the changes from UCP 500, Commentary on UCP 600 offers a unique insight into the thinking of those who drafted the new rules.


  • the text of the article (or sub-article),
  • the key changes from UCP 500,
  • a commentary explaining the rationale for the new language, and
  • the cross-references to other articles in UCP 600.
Commentary on UCP 600 frankly addresses the contentious issues in the new rules, among them:
  • the term "on their face" and why it was dropped in all but one UCP article;
  • the removal of the words "reasonable time";
  • the language allowing discounting of deferred payment credits; and
  • the new article on "Definitions", containing terms such as "honour" and "negotiation".

Member Price: $150.00

Vital Knowledge for Trading Internationally Third Edition (2008 Edition) 

From the basics of how to develop a sale contract to the use of the Internet as a channel for sales, the Guide tells you what you need to know about the trading process: the legal foundation; resolving international disputes; international contracts of sale; agency, distribution and franchising; Incoterms and documentary credits; factoring and forfaiting; transport and e-commerce.

This edition of the Guide includes details of the revised rules on documentary credits, UCP 600, new developments in forfaiting as well as new model contracts developed by ICC.

As a bonus, the Guide also provides practical tools to enhance the text:

  • samples of key documents, such as the insurance certificate, commercial invoice and bill of lading
  • easy to understand graphics illustrating, for example, the stages of a documentary credit operation and the distinctions between the different Incoterms
  • a glossary of major export-import terms.
Member Price: $204.00

The ICC Guide to Export-Import is an easy-to-understand introduction to international trade and a detailed handbook for the experienced practitioner. 

The fourth edition contains an extended analysis of new rules, such as ICC’s Incoterms® 2010, Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG) and others and crucial topics like online documentation and e-commerce, customs and intellectual property.

The Guide includes:

  • The new Incoterms® 2010 rules
  • International model contracts and clauses and other trade related documents
  • Tips and tricks for negotiating international contracts
  • Letters of credit and UCP600
  • Guarantees
  • Transport risks
  • Legal risks
  • Risks of non-payment
  • Exchange rate fluctuations
  • Insurance
  • International agreements
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
Member Price: $83.00

ICC Institute of World Business Law

- Resolving conflicts between commercial arbitration and other legal proceedings. In recent years, international commercial arbitration procedures have made great strides to bring into line different traditions of law and practice. But considerable problems remain. The aim of the new publication, Parallel State and Arbitral Procedures in International Arbitration, prepared by the ICC Institute of World Business Law, is to give the reader a thorough picture of the practical issues raised by the conflicts arising when there is more than one arbitration and when commercial arbitrations run in parallel with state legal procedures.


· Contract and treaty claims and choice of forum in foreign investment disputes
· Contractual claims and treaty claims with the ICSID arbitration system 
· Some observations on the role of state in investor-state dispute settlement 
· Consolidation of arbitral and court proceedings in investment disputes 
· Parallel arbitrations - Waivers and estoppel 
· Arbitral forum shopping 
· Lis pendens arbitralis 
· Res judicata and estoppel 
· Parallel arbitration proceedings - Duties of the arbitrators: Some reflections and ideas
· The impact of parallel and successive proceedings on the enforcement of arbitral awards 
· Parallel proceedings in international arbitration, challenges and realities

Member Price: $248.00

In We Must Talk, Because We Can, David Plant focuses on the process of mediation and on the mediator, the client and the counsel. Mediation, from Mr. Plant's point of view, is interest-based negotiation facilitated by a third person - the mediator. His aim is to help you - whatever your role - to prepare for and engage in such mediation at the most productive level.

Table of Contents
- What is Mediation 
- What IP Disputes Are Suitable for Mediation 
- Creating Value Through IP Mediation 
- Barrier to IP Mediation

Member Price: $180.00

SBF is pleased to inform all members that the new Incoterms® 2010 by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) will be released in September 2010.

Incoterms® rules define the responsibilities of buyers and sellers for the delivery of goods under sales contracts. Incoterms® 2010 takes into account the latest developments in commercial practice, and updates and consolidates some of the former rules.

In addition to the 11 rules, Incoterms® 2010 includes:

  • Extensive guidance notes and illustrative graphics to help users efficiently choose the right rule for each transaction;
  • New classification to help choose the most suitable rule in relation to the mode of transport;
  • Advice for the use of electronic procedures;
  • Information on security-related clearances for shipments;
  • Advice for the use of Incoterms® 2010 in domestic trade.
Incoterms® is a trademark of International Chamber of Commerce, registered in several countries 

Member Price: S$110.00

This practical wallchart explains all 11 Incoterms® rules at a glance, ideal for classrooms, offices or as a gift for business partners.

Incoterms® 2010 Wall Chart, ICC’s popular support tool, is a full colour, poster-sized flow chart outlining the responsibilities of buyer and seller under each of the 11 Incoterms. Rules for any mode of transport and Rules for waterway transport.

The Incoterms® 2010 Wall Chart is sold in sets of ten posters. 

Member Price: $150.00/pack

The key to working efficiently with Incoterms® 2010

Written by renowned expert Prof. Jan Ramberg, this clearly structured handbook is the standard support tool for all users of Incoterms® 2010 and facilitates understanding and application of these globally used trade terms.

ICC Guide to Incoterms® 2010 provides answers to the most important and recurring questions, i.e.:

  • Which Incoterms® rule should I choose?
  • What are the most important changes in this revision?
  • How do these rules work together with other contracts?
  • What does the seller have to do and what is at the buyer's charge?

Tips, tricks and history

This invaluable Guide explains how ICC’s famous trade terms apply in daily practice and shows the consequences resulting from the choice of the different terms. It also retraces the evolution of the Incoterms® rules since 1936 and illustrates changes and modifications of this revision. Detailed comments are accompanied by full colour graphics and a clear, user-friendly presentation for a deeper understanding.

Invaluable companion to the rules book, ICC Guide to Incoterms® 2010 will help you make the most of Incoterms® 2010. 

Member Price: $130.00

Size: 7.5cm x 11cm

Handy and practical digest of all 11 Incoterms rules. The concise format makes it quick and easy to check the terms when needed or always have them with you in a meeting or a business trip.

Member Price: $25.00

Size: 11cm x 12cm

For those who use the Incoterms® 2010 Rules on a daily basis, ICC has developed an innovative practical solution: the Incoterms 2010 Flip book. This comfortable and concise format allows you to access all 11 rules at the flick of a finger!

Designed in a flip calendar style, this tool outlines the responsibilities of the buyer and seller under each of the rules.

Member Price: $64.50

2008 Edition
Effective Date: 1 October 2008 

ICC's Uniform Rules for Bank-to-Bank Reimbursements under Documentary Credits (URR) have recently been revised. The revision, ICC Publication No. 725, was necessary to bring these long-standing rules into conformity with UCP 600, ICC's universally used rules on letters of credit, which came into effect on 1 July 2007.

URR 725 contains a number of technical changes from the previous version, URR 525, and will be used by all letter of credit practitioners who elect to incorporate the revised URR into their letters of credit. This revision was approved by the Commission on Banking Technique and Practice on 15-16 April 2008.

URR 725 is a four page leaflet sold by sets of ten leaflets.

Member Price: S$83.00 / Set

The Law of Letters of Credit in China
Chinese law is very complex and Chinese documentary credit law even more so, not only for practitioners outside China. This book sheds light on Chinese law on letters of credit and how LC disputes are resolved in Chinese courts. It covers critical issues such as: 

- Conformity of China's LC system with international practices, i.e. ISBP 
- Consolidation of disputes concerning LCs and underlying practices 
- Statutory limitations of action 
- Recovery for damages 
- Reasonable legal fees 
- And more 

This handbook is invaluable for anyone doing export/import transactions with China. Detailed comments, in-depth explanations and critical analyses enable trade finance practitioners to better understand the L/C system and related judicial interpretations in China. It is a must-read for business lawyers and LC practitioners dealing with Chinese business partners. 

Member Price: $95.00

Incoterms 2010 Q&A
A practical 'one-stop shop' for traders and those that advise them, Incoterms® 2010 Q&A features a host of practical tools to help readers choose the correct Incoterms® 2010 rules for their deal and avoid costly mistakes arising from dangerous mismatches between the contract of sale and related documents, such as letters of credit and contracts of carriage.

The latest in a series of best-selling books helping users understand and benefit from ICC's world-famous Incoterms® rules, Incoterms® 2010 Q&A brings together expert guidance and practical tools to enable readers to use the Incoterms® rules to their strategic advantage. 

Answers to more than 80 real-life questions on the Incoterms® rules posed by users will help the reader to better understand ICC's Incoterms® rules, avoid costly mistakes and use the rules in the most efficient way. 

Member Price: $82.00

International Standard Banking Practice - ISBP 2013 is the most up to date, comprehensive guide to handling and examining trade documents under documentary credits. An invaluable source of practical information for trade finance professionals and academics, this revised edition of ISBP provides readers with the latest ICC approved guidelines for all parties to documentary credits. 

ISBP 2013 details how to apply banking practices under UCP600 to various trade documents (invoices, transport documents, bills of lading, certificates of origin…) and features the following documents, which were not covered in previous editions:

  • Packing list
  • Weight list
  • Beneficiary certificate
  • Non-negotiable sea waybills
  • Analysis, Inspection, Health, Phytosanitary, Quantity and Quality certificates
The professionals' reference book to best banking practices for international L/C documents subject to UCP600, ISBP has already played a significant role in reducing international discrepancies for documentary credits and is regularly consulted by a wide range of banking, logistics, insurance, legal and corporate professionals and academics worldwide. 

Member Price: $34.00

Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations 
ICC’s URBPO are the first-ever Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs), a 21st century standard in supply chain finance that governs Bank Payment Obligations transactions worldwide.

BPOs enable banks to mitigate the risks associated with international trade to the benefit of both buyers and sellers. They enable flexible financing propositions across the supply chain, from pre-shipment to post-shipment. 

BPO benefits include:

  • Mitigating risks in international trade for buyers and sellers alike.
  • Speed, reliability, convenience
  • Reduced costs and improved accuracy
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Assurance of payment
  • Access to flexible financing 
  • Securing the supply chain
The ICC Banking Commission has developed the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation in partnership with financial messaging provider SWIFT to take into account the legitimate expectations of all relevant sectors. Bankers, traders, lawyers and all trade practitioners who deal with BPO will refer to these rules on a daily basis. 

Member Price: $34.00

A Banker's Insights on International Trade by Roy Becker 

Tips, Techniques and Tales from Practical Experience.

This book answers these and a variety of questions revolving around international trade, letters of credit, methods of payment and other international banking issues. Roy Becker's short, sweet and to-the-point stories help to clarify the concepts of banking, with useful insights gleaned from the author's many years of experience. A good index at the end of the book allows the reader to quickly locate the subject that interests them.

Member Price: $208.00

ICC Arbitration in Practice

Also available in French.
This eminently practical volume provides an article-by-article commentary of the current version of the ICC Rules of Arbitration. Using clear and concise language, unencumbered by footnotes and illustrated by flow diagrams, the authors guide the reader through the various stages of ICC arbitration proceedings, from initiation to the final award.

The Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce commonly referred to as the ICC Rules are the rules most frequently used in commercial disputes between business partners from different countries. Since they were first launched in 1922, these Rules have been applied in over 13,000 cases.

About the Authors
The authors, all practicing lawyers, have all worked as counsel at the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration. They have gone on to represent parties and act as arbitrators in many international proceedings.

Essential Reading for lawyers
Written from a practical perspective, this book is an essential resource for company lawyers who wish to familiarise themselves with ICC arbitration, assess the pros and cons of entering into an arbitration clause referring to the ICC rules, or obtain information and guidance on how to proceed in a given situation.

This thorough analysis is enhanced with other invaluable material, including:

  • a digest of statistics relating to ICC arbitration for the years 1999 to 2003;
  • a comparative table of references to selected national arbitration laws;
  • a bibliography, including useful web sites;
  • and a chapter on ICC's other dispute resolution services

Appendices provide the reader with the texts of ICC s various dispute resolution rules and other relevant documents.

Member Price: $395.00

Source Materials
Second, Revised Edition 
Edited by Willem J.H. Wiggers

International Commercial Law is the only one-volume source for all the materials required for the effective practice of international commercial law: corporate governance codes, international contract principles, all major arbitration and mediation rules, conventions on applicable law and on jurisdiction and enforcement, guidance for ongoing disclosures, ethical conduct, UCP 600 and Incoterms 2000, and much more.

101 documents collected under the following general headings:

Arbitration and Mediation Rules and Enforcement;
Contract Law and Agency;
Electronic Commerce;
Financial Law and International Payment;
Contractual Arrangements on Transport (Incoterms);
Trusts and Torts;
Cross-Border Insolvency;
International Taxation and Fiscal Transparency;
Corporate Governance Codes and Principles for External Parties;
Corporate Integrity, Transparency and Corruption.

Member Price: $514.00

2016 Annual Review of International Banking Law & Practice

By the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice

This volume is a practical must-have for anyone working in trade finance and brings you all latest developments in the field on a handy and fully searchable USB stick.

Member Price: $204.50

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