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Incoterms 2000

pub_560Fully revised for the millennium.
Incoterms 2000, the latest update of ICC's standard standard reference book for parties involved in international trade transactions, came into force on January 1, 2000.
Incoterms 2000 describes and interprets the meaning of the 13 basic terms used in international sales contracts. These terms are regularly incorporated into sales contracts worldwide and have become part of the daily language of international trade.
The 2000 edition contains many innovations in format and substance. It will provide importers, exporters, bankers, lawyers, and transport officials with a modern text reflecting the latest changes in the trading environment.
Incoterms will save you time, money and needless litigation and are a must for those in the international trade community

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Fighting Corruption - A Corporate Practices Manual

pub_652Edited by François Vincke and Fritz Heimann
The new demands for better corporate governance pose a major challenge to corporate managers. Faced with a bewildering maze of new rules and regulations - on accounting, money laundering, conflicts of corporate interest - managers need a no-nonsense guide to cut through the fog of bureaucratic requirements. Fighting Corruption, written by businessmen for businessmen, is such a tool.
A reference book for our times Fighting corruption, once at the periphery of corporate concerns,has taken on a new urgency for companies due to events of the last several years:
The implementation of the OECD Convention on Combatingo Bribery of Foreign Public Officials,with 34 countries having ratified the Convention and passed implementing legislation to enforce it; Recento corporate scandals in the US and elsewhere that have sharply increased public concern about corporate governance, accounting and auditing; September 11o and the ensuing campaign against terrorism that have resulted in much intensified anti-money laundering programmes, as well as greater concern about Customs regulations.
The pace of new regulation requires that corporate managers have a practical guide to help them respond to the realities of doing business in the modern age. Fighting Corruption, produced by ICC, offers the tools to do so.

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Unpublished Opinions of the ICC Banking Commission

pub_660The latest in the celebrated series of ICC Banking Commission Opinions, Unpublished Opinions of the ICC Banking Commission, 1995-2004, is now available to practitioners.
Containing more than 120 Opinions never published in book form before, this volume includes Opinions decided on a range of ICC rules - UCP 500, URR 525, UCP 400, URC 522, URC 322 and URDG 458.
Also included for the first time are Opinions relating to the eUCP, the UCP 500’s supplement for electronic presentation of documents, and ISBP, a Banking Commission checklist showing how UCP 500 should be applied in everyday practice. The ISBP, widely praised by practitioners, has been credited with reducing unacceptably high L/C discrepancy rates.

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Collected DOCDEX Decisions 1997 - 2003

pub_66533 Decisions by ICC experts resolving real life disputes about documentary credits
First introduced in 1997, DOCDEX is a rapid, cost-effective dispute resolution system intended to desolve disputes involving ICC rules on documentary credits (UCP 500).
Expanded in 2002 to cover the ICC Uniform Rules for Collections (URC) and the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG),DOCDEX has been used by practitioners worldwide who need quick decisions on outstanding conflicts.
How it works: In the DOCDEX process, the parties (or one of them) present their arguments on a dispute, plus all documents relating to it, to the ICC International Center for expertise. The Center then appoints a panel of three experts to decide the issues in the case. The process normally takes 30-60 days, with most cases resolved within 30 days. As a result, lengthy and expensive court cases can often be avoided.
Now, for the first time, all of the DOCDEX decisions taken over a seven-year period have been collected in a single volume. This indexed volume of DOCDEX decisions gives the reader an insight into the thinking of ICC experts who must judge difficult cases involving ICC rules. As such, it's an invaluable companion to the rules themselves.

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