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SGUnited Traineeships and Mid-Career Pathways Programmes

SGUnited Traineeships Programme

The response from companies to provide traineeships has been very strong. An overwhelming number of organisations have indicated interest to offer traineeships that far exceed the number of fresh and recent graduates who are likely to fill them. Companies who are interested to offer traineeships can consider taking on mid-career individuals through the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme.

Fresh graduates looking for traineeships can continue to check out available opportunities on MyCareersFuture and search for traineeship opportunities under the hashtag #SGUnitedTraineeships or select “For Workplace Attachment if you are a fresh graduate seeking traineeship” under government support.

SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme

The SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme was introduced to support mid-career individuals to widen their professional networks and gain new, in-demand skills while preparing for more permanent job roles in the future. 

For companies keen to recruit mid-career individuals, please submit your interest form here:!/5f14fe32fefd4e0011a24a2b

Mid-careers job seekers looking for traineeships can check out available opportunities on MyCareersFuture and search for traineeship opportunities under the hashtag “#SGUP”.

Role of SBF

SBF has been appointed by WSG as the Programme Manager for both the SGUnited Traineeships and Mid-Career Pathways Programmes. SBF will continue to help onboard companies as host companies to bring in new mid-career individuals as trainees to support their business needs and be able to tap on government support during the traineeship period in preparation of the economic recovery.

For enquiries on the two Programmes,  please email . For disputes that go beyond the scope of the Programmes, SBF will refer them to the relevant agencies.

Important Note to Host Companies and Trainees (fresh graduates & mid-career)

For Host Companies :

In the application for the programmes, host companies are required to declare all cost-cutting and retrenchment measures taken over the last six months, and to submit a development plan for every traineeship and mid-career position to SBF for assessment. SBF will then review and approve the application based on criteria set forth by Workforce Singapore (WSG).

As these are traineeship programmes, host companies are required to follow strictly the development plan that has been developed for each trainee.

For submission of Trainee Documentations, please submit via the following links:

  1. Traineeship (Fresh Graduates):
  2. Mid-career Attachments:

For submission of Claims, please submit via the following link:

To download the user guides for the online Claims system, please click the following links:

System login guide:

System user guide:!-hrms-expense-claims---sbf-sgut-sgup-traineeship-programme_coy.pdf?sfvrsn=cd59eb48_0

For Trainees (fresh graduates & mid-career) :

Following the approval of traineeship positions by SBF, companies will source for and offer the traineeship to their selected candidates. Where there is a successful match, the company and the trainee will sign a contract to formalise the traineeship. These contracts are mutual agreements between the host company and the trainee, and SBF is not a party to the contracts.

SBF advises trainees to carefully evaluate the terms and conditions of the contracts before signing them.

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