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  • Private sector and government agencies recognised for enabling a pro-enterprise environment

Private sector and government agencies recognised for enabling a pro-enterprise environment

  • Pro-Enterprise Index improves to 77.64 in 2016 from 76.40 in 2015
  • Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore is the top-ranked agency for the fifth consecutive year
  • Singapore Civil Defence Force bags the most number of awards

10 November 2016 [Singapore] - In the 2016 Pro-Enterprise Ranking (PER) survey, most businesses surveyed felt that government agencies regularly reviewed regulations, and were transparent in administering the regulations. The overall Pro-Enterprise Index (PEI) of the 29 participating regulatory agencies increased to 77.64 in 2016, up from 76.40 in 2015.

The annual PER survey is commissioned by the Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) to assess the pro-enterprise performance of government regulatory agencies in Singapore. This year’s survey includes one new agency, the Council of Private Education. Agencies that did well in the survey were recognised at the 2016 Pro-Enterprise Panel–Singapore Business Federation (PEP-SBF) Awards held on 10 November 2016. The event recognises the collaborative efforts of government agencies and businesses to enhance Singapore’s pro-enterprise environment.

There are a total of five awards this year. The award categories are the Pro-Enterprise Awards, Most Improved Agency Awards, Best Pro-Enterprise Suggestion Award, Pro-Enterprise Initiative Awards and the Pro-Enterprise Partner Award. A total of 33 awards were given out to businesses, trade associations and public agencies. This is higher than the 28 awards given out in 2015.

Recognising private sector's contributions

Mr SS Teo, Chairman of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), said, “We are pleased to give recognition to public agencies that are pro-enterprise with the PEP-SBF Awards 2016. As the apex business chamber, SBF will continue to foster closer collaborations between businesses and the Government to enhance Singapore’s pro-business policies and environment. Singapore must provide good policy and regulatory environment for our businesses to innovate in the new environment. This will enhance our competitiveness as a global business city.”

Six private sector businesses and trade associations were recognised for their collaborations with public agencies in improving the regulatory landscape. They received the PEP Best Suggestion Award and the Pro-Enterprise Partner Award for providing regulatory feedback and suggestions which benefit the larger business community.

Ms Sarah Boyd, Director of Guardian Health & Beauty received the award for Best Pro-Enterprise Suggestion. She said “Guardian is honoured to be recognised with the Best Suggestion award and will continue to contribute feedback on how regulations in the healthcare sector can support innovation and new business models”.

Mr Douglas Foo, SBF Council Member and President of Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), a recipient of the Best Pro-Enterprise Partner Award said, “SMF encourages our members to constantly innovate and adopt technology. With today’s challenging and volatile economic conditions, it is imperative for businesses and government to work closely together on regulations that support innovation and technological adoption by businesses in order to achieve transformational improvements and growth”.

Also receiving the Best Pro-Enterprise Partner Award was Mr Wong Mong Hong, Immediate Past President of Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA). He said, “'Innovation and growth are the two most crucial elements that enable Singapore’s economic advancement. These two elements will be greatly enhanced when they are appropriately regulated under a pro-enterprise environment. SFMA is honoured to be recognised for working closely with regulatory agencies to enable a more pro-enterprise regulatory environment for food manufacturers”.

MPA is the top-ranked agency for the fifth year

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has been ranked the top agency for five consecutive years in the PER Survey. Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive of MPA, said, "Knowing the needs of our customers is key. MPA strives to listen to our customers and works with them to develop solutions that benefit the industry. During this challenging period for the industry, responsiveness is key. MPA is therefore committed to working closely with our customers to weather the current downturn. We are also committed to work with industry to position ourselves for future growth".

SCDF receives the most number of awards

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received four awards, the most number of awards among the public sector agencies. These awards recognised SCDF’s commitment to being pro-enterprise and partnering with businesses on initiatives such as streamlining the petroleum and flammable materials licence process and allowing collective approval for Temporary Change of Use Permit for shopping malls.

SCDF Commissioner Eric Yap said, “We are glad that the pro-enterprise initiatives we have rolled out over the years have greatly benefitted our customers. We will continue to collaborate and work with our customers, to ensure that our requirements and regulations take into account the changing needs of the business environment and minimise business costs, while at the same time maintain an effective and robust fire safety regulatory and enforcement regime".

Annex A: Background of PEP-SBF Awards 2016

Speech by Ms Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary (Ministry of Trade & Industry and Education) 

Welcome Address by Mr S S Teo, SBF Chairman

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