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SBF launches OneTAC SG to foster a stronger TAC community in Singapore

Wednesday, 7 September 2022 [Singapore] - A new OneTAC SG platform was launched today to help bring together the Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) community in Singapore and enhance capabilities within TACs. OneTAC SG was officially launched by Ms Low Yen Ling, Minister of State for Trade and Industry at a TAC networking event organised by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF). 

TACs play important roles as multipliers and conduits to help companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, with their business transformation and growth. They also play a catalytic role in bringing multiple stakeholders together to purse common goals for mutual benefits.

OneTAC SG is a “for TACs, by TACs” collaborative tool to strengthen partnerships within the TAC community, enable information sharing and enhance internal capabilities of TACs in Singapore. OneTAC SG is open to all TACs in Singapore and their secretariat staff and will enable them to share and connect with one another as well as receive the latest updates on policies, initiatives and events from the Government, TACs and other business stakeholders. Key features of OneTAC SG include the TAC and User Directory, Event Calendar, Communities and Groups, Direct Messaging, Resource Hubs and many more. OneTAC SG is part of SBF’s efforts to enable a strong TAC community and a strong business ecosystem in Singapore. Please refer to Annex A for more details on OneTAC SG.

At today’s TAC networking event, some 100 Presidents, Chairpersons, Council Members and Heads of Secretariats of TACs from more than 50 TACs engaged Minister of State Low Yen Ling in a fireside chat moderated by Mr Lam Yi Young, Chief Executive Officer of SBF. Issues discussed centred around the important roles of TACs, how TACs can be a strong multiplier for business transformation in Singapore, and how TACs can further build up their capabilities.

In his welcome remarks at the event, Mr Lam Yi Young also provided updates on the three new initiatives that were first announced by Minister of State Low Yen Ling at the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Committee of Supply debate in March 2022. These are the Digitalisation of TACs Programme (Digi-TAC), TAC Fellowship Programme for Leadership Development (TFP), and TAC Leadership Accelerator Programme (TLAP), which aim to help TACs build their digital and human capital capabilities so as to better serve the needs of their members and the business community.  Please refer to Annex B for the factsheets on the three programmes.

Mr Lam Yi Young, Chief Executive Officer of SBF said, “Over the past year, we have intensified our efforts to bring the TAC community closer together. Through OneTAC SG, we hope to spur meaningful connections that will help build collaborations across the TAC community. TACs and their secretariat staff will also benefit from the three new programmes to boost leadership competencies and digital capabilities. By uplifting and strengthening our TACs, we can enable a stronger business ecosystem and help advance our economy and create better jobs for Singaporeans.”     

More information on OneTAC SG, Digi-TAC, TFP and TLAP can be found at https://www.sbf.org.sg/membership/initiatives-for-tacs.

Annex A-1: Infographic on the OneTAC SG Platform
Annex A-2: Factsheet for the OneTAC SG Platform
Annex B: Programmes Factsheets

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