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SBF Supports Budget 2021 for Stronger Post-COVID Economic Growth

SBF Supports Budget 2021 for Stronger Post-COVID Economic Growth

With businesses facing an uneven path towards recovery, the Emerging Stronger Together Budget 2021 takes a balanced approach to address the concerns of our businesses and workers in the immediate term. The Budget also spurs Singapore’s economic growth as new...

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  • SBF supports ABAC’s call to encourage digital revolution for businesses

SBF supports ABAC’s call to encourage digital revolution for businesses

  • The call to encourage digital revolution for small and large businesses was made at APEC Business Advisory Council’s first meeting of the year in San Francisco
  • Concurrently, SBF also backs the collective call by business representatives from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) economies for prompt ratification of the TPP
24 - 28 February 2016 [San Francisco] – The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) represented the Singapore business community at ABAC’s first meeting for 2016 in San Francisco. This is the first meeting held under Peru’s leadership of ABAC. ABAC will be pursuing a work programme this year under the theme “Quality Growth and Human Development” to respond to the challenge of maintaining the economic vitality of the Asia-Pacific Region and ensuring that it benefits all.

The Singapore business community’s key interests in ABAC are in the area of trade, transport connectivity, investment, finance, SME development, and sustainable development.

Taking advantage of the proximity of the meeting’s venue to Silicon Valley, business leaders and senior officials from APEC economies took the opportunity to learn about how technology and the digital economy can foster economic growth.

Mr Ho Meng Kit, CEO of SBF, said “SBF firmly believes that Singapore businesses have much to benefit from technology and the digital economy. Singapore has good infrastructure conducive for businesses to leverage. SMEs can also make good use of technology to level the playing field. At the same time, we are also strongly supportive of progress and developments made in advancing trade, investment and business opportunities for Singapore businesses.”

It is in this light that SBF also backed the collective call by the business representatives of the TPP economies that attended the ABAC meeting, for prompt ratification of the TPP. Singapore businesses will stand to benefit from an early ratification and implementation of this modern trade pact.

SBF serves as the secretariat of ABAC Singapore. Mr S.S Teo, Chairman of SBF and Managing Director of Pacific International Lines, and Mr Ho Meng Kit, CEO of SBF, currently represent the Singapore business community at ABAC.

Annex A – Media Release by ABAC for its first meeting of 2016 held in San Francisco, USA
Annex B – Media Release by business representatives from TPP Economies issued at ABAC 1 Meeting

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